Transport Securities

TransX offers vehicles for personal use; to the public and private institutions and NGOs.  The business model incorporates business engineering services and strives to provide flexible premiums with optional down payments. The agreements are designed specifically to benefit both parties, with a predefined projection; secured and binding on both ends. The TransX assets are offered to be secured, or secured through proper insurance channels, for time periods that suits our patrons, within clearly defined perimeters


Energy Securities

Exergy offers, Energy Auditing, Energy Lease and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to the businesses and commercial facilities across the country in order to optimize the production cost and minimize the energy losses through qualified Energy Managers. Our calculation pattern allows us to provide a range of flexible pricing in relation to non-interrupted power supplies.


Construction Contracts

Construction offers a limited range of Innovative Design Consultancy, Project Management, and Procurement services striving to deliver Time bounded, Quality Work in a flexible and optimize Cost. We are offering construction finance to our clients by attracting potential investors to invest in commercial projects.


By Law

Options offer Corporate Secretarial Services, Company Incorporation, and Representation, Taxations and Exemptions, Administrative and Business Logistics and drafting of Funding support system. We strive to simplify corporate procedures and regulations for our customers and make sure that they get the best legal counsel and representation for their business. Options are operating under mutual agreements, and it aims to educate on the fact that your constitutional rights are secure. Our working environment allows us to charge optimally and deliver the best, within and even after agreement period out of courtesy.


Facilities Management

Main Faciti products include Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance, Human Factors Incorporation, Quality Control, Leadership, and Strategy counseling; through integrating Industrial engineering knowledge and techniques primarily and other fields in general, to achieve maximum output. The contracts are offered as Managing agent. The rental and lease returns are secured on both ends, with mutual binding agreements for a specified period.


Agriculture Commodities

Agricas is an initiative that offers agriculture commodities barter system to a specific clientele. The main idea is to innovate and introduce an optimal agriculture trading system, creating a balance between demand and supply.


  • Entrepreneur’s Acceleration Program
  • XEROS Media Channel
  • Tobacco Processing and Manufacturing Unit.
  • WPC Manufacturing Plant.
  • Coalification – Coal Conversion to other energy forms.
  • CPEC – Transportation & Logistics facilities.