Xeros Private Limited has vowed an innovative, highly flexible and practical Asset Management and Corporate Legal Services focused on connecting our customers and investors for better opportunities and competitive advantage. We strive to create, support and manage businesses by using Industrial Engineering principles to achieve maximum productivity, elucidated as business engineering.

Xeros emerged as an idea, between its founding members Mr. Sami Ullah and Mr. Muhammad Afaq Najam. That same notion was nurtured into a proposal that qualified as a potential startup, at the prestigious Technology and Business Incubation Centre (TIC), University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar on 25th of February, 2016. Although Xeros was established as a Transportation Network Company, it soon progressed and started the diversification of services rendered. Our traditional business model of Transportation Networking Company laid the foundation for TransX, which includes renting, leasing, intercity transportation and potentially leading to highly reliable transportation and logistics services.

We have come to acknowledge the greater need for a certified medium that can help you grow your business. A business is always at crossroads; for the ascension to next level, Xeros provides Business Engineering Services.

Our core services are aligned with Asset Management, targeting Tangible assets primarily and Mutual Funds. We believe that growth of a business takes precedence over the expansion. We are highly equipped to provide you with limitless possibilities and optimal options for growth. Our services align with Business Systems management, where we integrate people, place, process, and technology. Our commitment is to boost productivity and efficiency of the financial process using Project management, Operations, and Maintenance, Human Factors, Quality Control, Leadership, and Strategy; in a close-knit environment with proper communication channels in place for our patrons.

Xeros Private Limited is currently holding receivables of 60.09 million PA, with a steady pay-outs of 48.06 million PA. We are committed to growing our revenue stream up 20% by the end of the fiscal year 2018.

We believe in total transparency, innovation, and optimal strategies, with tailored solutions for long-term success. Our revenue stream is governed by simple Agreements and Contracts, explicitly designed to promote mutual trust and fulfill business needs promptly.